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Hey There

We, Jolien & Tobias, the owners of My Cataleya, are avid travelers and entrepreneurs. Seriously, we're almost always on the road—except when we're here in Bradenton.

Our story

We got to know each other studying in the United Kingdom and quickly discovered our passion for traveling, which has taken us around Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Then we decided to “settle” in Florida and establish a home away from home for family and friends - to which you now also belong.​

As we come here every year, we know the place like the back of our hands. So, in addition to the two condos we offer, we can also help you with great attractions, things to do, plan visits to Disney, and provide insider tips on the best restaurants (trust us, we've tried almost all of them)..

Since we have a 4-month-old daughter, we can also help you out with advice on traveling with kids or babies.

Send us your feedback about whether you liked or didn’t like the experience, as we aim to make your next stay even more enjoyable! Love to hear from you! You can reach us on Email, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Hope you will enjoy the stay as much as we do!

MyCataleya Team
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